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Chicago Jets Summer Challenge

Jets Summer Challenge is back!  

In 2018, the Chicago Jets Hockey Club has once again received a very generous challenge grant from an anonymous donor, this year for $30,000!  Our donor offered to match dollar-for-dollar all donations to the Chicago Jets organization between June 25th and August 5th 2018.  This year, the funds raised through the summer challenge will be targeted primarily toward our supporting our families demonstrating need with financial assistance program.  Last year we disbursed a record amount of financial aid to a record number of families and we want to be able to continue that support for this year.  Our generous donor has provided the $30,000 match for this season in an effort to allow our Chicago Jets community to double their impact with each donation received.  Don't forget, we can TRIPLE the impact of each donation if your company offers matching contributions for your donations so please take a minute and check into it!  A surprising number of companies will match this and last year it was an important part of us hitting our goal.  See further details below.


Cup Champion Donor

$5,000 & above

Conference Champion Donor

$1,000 to $4,999

Hat Trick Donor

$500 to $999

Goal Scorer Donor

$250 to $499

Breakaway Donor

$100 to $249

Hit The Ice Donor

$99 & below


Corporate Matching Programs

When you support the Chicago Jets, be sure to find out if your employer will match your gift - it is an easy way to TRIPLE YOUR DONATION

Common Questions

  • What are employee matching gift programs? Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.
  • How do I find out if my employer has a matching gift program? Click here for a list of corporations with matching gift programs. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, so if you do not see your employer’s name, please be sure to check with your human resources department so you do not miss the opportunity to double your donation

Summer Challenge - Donor Wall of Fame!

Donor Level
Gust Family Cup Champion!
Netzky Family Cup Champion!
Nocera Family Conference Champion
Tengelsen Family Conference Champion
Klein Family Conference Champion
Edmunson Family Hat Trick
Jamie Fildler & Family Hat Trick
Shear Family Hat Trick
Simon McBroom's Family Hat Trick
Coxe Family Hat Trick
Winsor Family Hat Trick
Rhino & Little Jonger Hat Trick
Abraham Family Hat Trick
Sheehan Family Hat Trick
Laughlin Family Hat Trick
Carter Family Hat Trick
Ray Family Hat Trick
Tedestedt Family Hat Trick
Breden Family Hat Trick
McDermott Family Hat Trick
Biden Family Hat Trick
Goodwillie Family Hat Trick
Alex Musyakevych Hat Trick
Anonymous x3 Hat Trick
Dengler Family Goal Scorer
Bowman Family Goal Scorer
Doherty Family Goal Scorer
Haynes Family Goal Scorer
Manning Family Goal Scorer
Perreault Family Goal Scorer
Melendes Family Goal Scorer
Barefield Family Goal Scorer
Harris Family Goal Scorer
Theodore Roosevelt Dunlap Society Goal Scorer
Kimmeth Family Goal Scorer
Hughes Family Goal Scorer
Donoghue Family Goal Scorer
Mobarak Family Goal Scorer
Clary Family Goal Scorer
Zivak Family Goal Scorer
Faude Family Goal Scorer
Assmus Family Goal Scorer
Rhyner Family Goal Scorer
Sacchetti Family Goal Scorer
Gauger Family Goal Scorer
Bertucci Family Goal Scorer
Jacob & Claudia Kettwig Goal Scorer
Anonymous Goal Scorer
Coyle Family Breakaway
Hanna Family Breakaway
Ernie Allen Breakaway
The Ice Cream Truck Breakaway
Hutch Breakaway
Mike Hollub Breakaway
Patricia Braudy Breakaway
Neuman Family Breakaway
DiRico Family Breakaway
Miles Gust Breakaway
Brendan Finley Breakaway
Reid Sturner Breakaway
Consiglio Family Breakaway
Casciola Family Breakaway
Anthony Pascente Breakaway
Quinn Eatinger Breakaway
Kenny Family Breakaway
Eber Family Breakaway
Fencl Family Breakaway
The Lui Boys Breakaway
Coyle Family Breakaway
Rupp Family Breakaway
Myhre Family Breakaway
Ventura Family Breakaway
Anonymous Breakaway
Heller Family Hit the Ice
George Holland Hit the Ice
Max Feinberg Hit the Ice
Gilligan Family Hit the Ice
The Eugenio Boys Hit the Ice
Max Tedestedt Hit the Ice

The Chicago Jets Volunteer Opportunities

Aside from our terrific paid professional coaching staff, the Chicago Jets is an entirely volunteer run organization.  

Find out how you can help by contacting: