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Jets Fall 2022 Planning Information

Registration for the 2022-23 Clinics & Tryouts is open!  Please see below for important information regarding the upcoming season including our planned teams and coaching lineup as well as our planned practice cadence and tournament schedule for each team.  Please note that all of this is subject to change if needed.  If you have questions on any of this please contact our Hockey Director, Kent Allen.

Jets 2022-2023 Teams and Coaching Lineup

Jets 2022-2023 Tournament & Practice Cadence

Please get registered as soon as possible HERE!

Chicago Jets Summer Challenge

Jets Summer Challenge is back!

This will be our fourth year running the Chicago Jets Summer Challenge! The Chicago Jets Hockey Club has once again received a very generous challenge grant from anonymous donors, this year for a record $65,000!  Our donors offered to match dollar-for-dollar all donations to the Chicago Jets organization between June 10th and August 15th 2022.  In an effort to support all families, funds this year will go towards maintaining fee costs and supporting our families demonstrating a need with financial assistance.  Last year we listened to your feedback and reduced the number of different fundraising efforts over the course of the season including making the Skate Escape free to all participants.  At the same time, we disbursed a record amount of financial aid to a record number of families and we want to be able to continue that support for this year.  That means that this Summer Challenge it is more critical than ever to dig deep and think about a season-long giving potential in this one fundraising effort.  Our generous donor have provided the $65,000 match for this season in an effort to allow our Chicago Jets community to double their impact with each donation received.  Don't forget, we can TRIPLE the impact of each donation if your company offers matching contributions for your donations so please take a minute and check into it!  A surprising number of companies will match this and last year it was an important part of us hitting our goal.  See further details below.


Cup Champion Donor

$5,000 & above

Conference Champion Donor

$1,000 to $4,999

Hat Trick Donor

$500 to $999

Goal Scorer Donor

$250 to $499

Breakaway Donor

$100 to $249

Hit The Ice Donor

$99 & below

    Support the Jets with Amazon Smile

    Did you know you could support the Jets just by buying from Amazon the way you always do?!?  Select the Jets as your 501(c)3 beneficiary and start using the new link  for all your Amazon shopping and the Jets get a half a percent  on every dollar you spend.  Click on Support Us for more details!

    Donor Wall of Fame

    Donor Level
    Lezotte Family Conference Champion Donor
    Cione Family Conference Champion Donor
    Charlie Yannias and Family Conference Champion Donor
    Powell Family Hat Trick Donor
    The Ryan Family Hat Trick Donor
    The Sell Family Breakaway Donor
    The Coyle Family Goal Scorer Donor
    Dhawan Family Conference Champion Donor
    The Barefield Family Hat Trick Donor
    The Nelson Family Conference Champion Donor
    Dayton Kim Family Conference Champion Donor
    George Dengler and Mary Jenner Hat Trick Donor
    Team Colosi Breakaway Donor
    Albert & Linda Karg Hit the Ice Donor
    Cameron And Mike Hollub Hat Trick Donor
    The Papalia Family Breakaway Donor
    The Wahl Family Breakaway Donor
    The Ewert Family Breakaway Donor
    Bowman Family Hat Trick Donor
    The McKenna Family Breakaway Donor
    Ignoffo Family Hat Trick Donor
    Allen Family Hat Trick Donor
    Baca Family Breakaway Donor
    The Lerner Family Hat Trick Donor
    The Kelley Family Hat Trick Donor
    The Melendes Family Hat Trick Donor
    The Fournier Family Breakaway Donor
    The Mulyk Family Goal Scorer Donor
    The Bhatt Family Breakaway Donor
    The Skotticelli Family Goal Scorer Donor
    The Reif Family Conference Champion Donor
    Team Colosi Breakaway Donor
    The Harris Family Hat Trick Donor
    Brian Noonan Breakaway Donor
    The Herzberg Family Hat Trick Donor
    Stow Family Hit the Ice Donor
    Pescatello Family Hat Trick Donor
    The O’Flaherty Family Hit the Ice Donor
    Shah Family Hat Trick Donor
    Karg Family Breakaway Donor
    The Lippitz Family Breakaway Donor
    The Rizzuti Family Goal Scorer Donor
    The Reif Family Conference Champion Donor
    Moffat Family Hat Trick Donor
    The Carter Family Hat Trick Donor

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