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Jets Regular Season Registration

Jets & Spitfires Families,


Congratulations to everyone who made a Jets or Spitfires team, along with our Mite ADM families! We are looking forward to another great season at the Jets. Now that everyone knows what team they are on, we all need to quickly get registered for the regular season and confirm our spots. The link to complete 2018-19 Regular Season registration is here:

If you haven't yet registered for the full regular season, now is the time.  Register before September 30th to avoid the $100 late charge!

Summer Challenge - Donor Wall of Fame!

Donor Level
Gust Family Cup Champion!
Netzky Family Cup Champion!
Nocera Family Conference Champion
Tengelsen Family Conference Champion
Klein Family Conference Champion
Edmunson Family Hat Trick
Jamie Fildler & Family Hat Trick
Shear Family Hat Trick
Simon McBroom's Family Hat Trick
Coxe Family Hat Trick
Winsor Family Hat Trick
Rhino & Little Jonger Hat Trick
Abraham Family Hat Trick
Sheehan Family Hat Trick
Laughlin Family Hat Trick
Carter Family Hat Trick
Ray Family Hat Trick
Tedestedt Family Hat Trick
Breden Family Hat Trick
McDermott Family Hat Trick
Biden Family Hat Trick
Goodwillie Family Hat Trick
Alex Musyakevych Hat Trick
Anonymous x3 Hat Trick
Dengler Family Goal Scorer
Bowman Family Goal Scorer
Doherty Family Goal Scorer
Haynes Family Goal Scorer
Manning Family Goal Scorer
Perreault Family Goal Scorer
Melendes Family Goal Scorer
Barefield Family Goal Scorer
Harris Family Goal Scorer
Theodore Roosevelt Dunlap Society Goal Scorer
Kimmeth Family Goal Scorer
Hughes Family Goal Scorer
Donoghue Family Goal Scorer
Mobarak Family Goal Scorer
Clary Family Goal Scorer
Zivak Family Goal Scorer
Faude Family Goal Scorer
Assmus Family Goal Scorer
Rhyner Family Goal Scorer
Sacchetti Family Goal Scorer
Gauger Family Goal Scorer
Bertucci Family Goal Scorer
Jacob & Claudia Kettwig Goal Scorer
Anonymous Goal Scorer
Coyle Family Breakaway
Hanna Family Breakaway
Ernie Allen Breakaway
The Ice Cream Truck Breakaway
Hutch Breakaway
Mike Hollub Breakaway
Patricia Braudy Breakaway
Neuman Family Breakaway
DiRico Family Breakaway
Miles Gust Breakaway
Brendan Finley Breakaway
Reid Sturner Breakaway
Consiglio Family Breakaway
Casciola Family Breakaway
Anthony Pascente Breakaway
Quinn Eatinger Breakaway
Kenny Family Breakaway
Eber Family Breakaway
Fencl Family Breakaway
The Lui Boys Breakaway
Coyle Family Breakaway
Rupp Family Breakaway
Myhre Family Breakaway
Ventura Family Breakaway
Anonymous Breakaway
Heller Family Hit the Ice
George Holland Hit the Ice
Max Feinberg Hit the Ice
Gilligan Family Hit the Ice
The Eugenio Boys Hit the Ice
Max Tedestedt Hit the Ice

Jets 2018-19 Birth Year Team Tournament Schedule

Please see below the tournament schedule for our Squirt-Bantam birth year teams (CSDHL plus 2009 SQ NIHL 1).  Obviously teams are not selected until tryouts, but this might be helpful for planning purposes if you think you might make one of these teams.  Tournament plans have been communicated directly to our U15 CSDHL families - e-mail our Midget Director Kyle Kotrba with any questions.  Our NIHL tournament schedule can not be set until after teams are picked in September and plans are set by individual team coaches and managers.

West Michigan Classic CCM Invite Bauer Motown CCM Invite Thanksgiving TBD Irish South Bend Cup Kennedy Memorial
Grand Rapids, MI Denver, CO Detroit, MI Chicago, IL Chicago, IL South Bend, IN Boston, MA
Sept 14th-16th Sept. 21st-23rd Oct. 19th-21st Nov. 2nd-4th Nov.21st-24th Dec. 7th-9th Jan. 18th-21st
2009 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2008 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2007 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2006 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2005 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2004 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Join the Chicago Jets on Social Media

The Chicago Jets (including our Spitfires) are active on Social Media!  Please join our communities of active engagement and get connected now!!!!