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Jets Top Gun Spring Coaching & Tournaments

The Jets are pleased to announce our Top Gun Spring tournament coaching lineup.  Please note, this lineup is for SPRING only and is no indication of final fall coaching decisions.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Kent.

Team Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach
U18 2005/2006 Kyle Kotrba Mike Bloome Tommy Robaczeski
U16 2007 Kyle Kotrba Mike Bloome Michael Harris
U15 2008 Jacob Matysiak Scott Bagby John Mejia
Banam Major 2009 Brian Noonan Nick Schaefer Aidan Verbeke
Bantam Minor 2010 Brian Noonan Josh Nardella Kent Allen
BT Combined 2009/2010 Adam Costello Bernard Puglisi Joe Costello
Peewee Major 2011 Zach Loesch Zach Schulze Alex Anderson / Luc Boby
Peewee Minor 2012 Adam Jolcover Noah Rauschenberger
PW Combined 2011/2012 Tim Scott Kevin Stow
Squirt Major 2013 James McGing Liam McGing
Squirt Minor 2014 Tim Scott Michael Helf
SQ Combined 2013/2014 Adam Jolcover Tim Lane
Mite AA Sean Wiles Brian Butler
Mite A Jonathan Deptula TBD
Mite A2 Sean Wiles TBD
Mite B Charie Fetzer Zach Harbor

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