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Raffle Prize - Overtime Period

Tickets to see the Chicago Blackhawks!

Four great seats in Section 107 for the January 12th game against the Winnipeg Jets, along with an authentic replica Ryan Hartmann Blackhawks Jersey.

Donor Wall of Fame

Donor Level
The Netzky Family Cup Champion!
The Gust Family Cup Champion!
Anonymous Cup Champion!
Tengelsen Family Conference Champion
LJH and Family Conference Champion
The Ray Family Conference Champion
The Winsor Family Conference Camp
Anonymous Conference Champion
Huslte & Flow Hockey Hat Trick
The Melendes Family Hat Trick
The Bettman Family Hat Trick
Pioneer Tavern Group Hat Trick
Klein Family Hat Trick
Perreault Family Hat Trick
The Alvers Family Hat Trick
The Nocera Family Hat Trick
The Carter Family Hat Trick
The Sacchetti Family Hat Trick
de Jong Family Hat Trick
Tedestedt Family Hat Trick
Ventura Family Hat Trick
The Feinberg Family Hat Trick
The Schreibman Family Hat Trick
The Mobarak Family Hat Trick
Anonymous x2 Hat Trick
Doyle Family Goal Scorer
The Barefield Family Goal Scorer
The Chinlund Family Goal Scorer
The Mize Family Goal Scorer
JFJ Development Company Goal Scorer
The Holland Family Goal Scorer
The Tantaro Family Goal Scorer
The Manning Family Goal Scorer
The Lopez Family Goal Scorer
The Laughlin Family Goal Scorer
The Faude family Goal Scorer
The Ewert Family Goal Scorer
The Kettwig Family Goal Scorer Goal Scorer
State Farm Goal Scorer
BabyCenter Goal Scorer
The Harris Family Goal Scorer
Reid Pienta Goal Scorer
Jamie Fidler & Family Goal Scorer
Reggie Dunlap Society Goal Scorer
Zanowski Family Goal Scorer
Tedestedt Family Goal Scorer
The Bertucci Family Goal Scorer
Kenny Family Goal Scorer
The Petracca Family Goal Scorer
Simon McBroom's Family Goal Scorer
The Flom Family Goal Scorer
The Bertrand Family Goal Scorer
The Wei Family Goal Scorer
The Grum Family Goal Scorer
The Karnick Family Goal Scorer
Haynes Family Goal Scorer
Griffin Family Goal Scorer
Rothstein Family Goal Scorer
Herber Family Goal Scorer
Anonymous x2 Goal Scorer
The Allen Family Breakaway
The Hughes Family Breakaway
The Doherty Family Breakaway
COCO5 Breakaway
The Wright Family Breakaway
Nellys Powerskating Breakaway
Doyle Family Breakaway
The Nardella Family Breakaway
The Shear Family Breakaway
Anonymous Breakaway
The Lui Family Breakaway
Assmus Family Breakaway
DJ Breakaway
The Biden Family Breakaway
Patricia Braudy & family Breakaway
Lenny M Breakaway
GVN Performance Breakaway
Chris Zahn Breakaway
The Kimmeth Family Breakaway
Townstone Financial Breakaway
Brenner Family Breakaway
Staskunas Family Breakaway
The Taiber Family Breakaway
The Gresko Family Breakaway
Pascente Family Breakaway
The Hanna Family Breakaway
Tommy Wells Breakaway
Grandma&Grandpa Arvanites Breakaway
The Myhre Family Breakaway
The Gillman Family Breakaway
The Jones Family Breakaway
The Joa Family Breakaway
Dean Lane Breakaway
The Shear Family Breakaway
The Campbell Family Breakaway
The Frausto Family Breakaway
Eber Family Breakaway
Derek and Trevor S. Breakaway
The Hazra Family Breakaway
Putrim Family Breakaway
The Fencl Family Breakaway
The Shear Family Breakaway
The Cipolla Family Breakaway
The Hortatsos Family Breakaway
Kosmala Family Breakaway
The Buczynski Family Breakaway
Quinn Eatinger Breakaway
The Donoghue Family Breakaway
The Kirk Family Breakaway
The Maxcy Family Breakaway
Joe and Colleen Klein Breakaway
The Larsen Family Breakaway
The Campbell Family Breakaway
Wein Family Breakaway
Ernie Allen Hit the Ice
The Cipolla family Hit the Ice
Liam K Hit the Ice
Gavin Keohane Hit the Ice
Padraig Kirwan Hit the Ice
Hazel Kirwan Hit the Ice
Jack & Max Feinberg Hit the Ice
Seamus Hit the Ice
Rupp Hit the Ice
Alex Mattei Hit the Ice
Padraig Kirwan Hit the Ice
Hazel Kirwan Hit the Ice
Jack Perreault Hit the Ice
Kevin Perreault Hit the Ice
Liam Perreault Hit the Ice
Rick Kohler Hit the Ice
George Holland Hit the Ice
Jonathan Campbell Hit the Ice
Watts Family Hit the Ice
Augustino Ramon Hit the Ice
Luke Maltais Hit the Ice
Rupp Hit the Ice
Michael Hughes Hit the Ice
The Ross Family Hit the Ice
Guinevan Barr Hit the Ice
Connor Barr Hit the Ice
Quinn Barr Hit the Ice
Hayden Smeaton Hit the Ice
Ben Schreibman Hit the Ice
Jonathan Campbell Hit the Ice
Anonymous Hit the Ice

Chicago Jets Annual Program Sponsorship

The Chicago Jets Hockey Club continues to grow and this season we are introducing Chicago Jets Hockey Club Season Program.   The Chicago Jets Hockey Club Season Program will be printed in late September and will be distributed over 500 Jets Families and Friends.   

The funds raised through the sales of Advertising will be used to support our existing financial assistance program, new video technology, strength and conditioning facilities, off ice shooting facility and both continuing education and hiring of top level coaches.  The Chicago Jets Hockey Club is a 501(c) (3) organization.

Advertising Opportunities   

Full Page


½ Page


¼ Page



If you would like to support the Jets by purchasing ad space in our first annual Chicago Jets Program, please fill out the form below:

Chicago Jets Summer Challenge

Get ready for our most exciting fundraising effort yet!  

In 2017, the Chicago Jets Hockey Club has received a $50,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor. The donor offered to match dollar-for-dollar all donations to the Chicago Jets organization between July 1st and August 31st 2017.  The funds raised through the summer challenge will be used to support our existing financial assistance program, new video technology, strength and conditioning facilities, off ice shooting facility and both continuing education and hiring of top level coaches. Our generous donor has provided the $50,000 match for this season in an effort to allow our Chicago Jets community to double their impact with each donation received. 


Cup Champion Donor

$5,000 & above

Conference Champion Donor

$1,000 to $4,999

Hat Trick Donor

$500 to $999

Goal Scorer Donor

$250 to $499

Breakaway Donor

$100 to $249

Hit The Ice Donor

$99 & below


Raffle Prizes for Donors!

During the course of the campaign we will have four donation periods each with a raffle drawing at the conclusion.  Every donor who has given $25 or more during the period leading up to the drawing will eligible to win the prize.  Give more to increase your chances - one entry for every $25 donated!  The raffle prize for each period will be announced on the first day, starting on July 1st.

Donation Periods

Prize Announced

Drawing Date

First Period

July 1st

July  15th

Second Period

July 16th

July 31st

Third Period

August 1st

August 15th


August 16th

August 31st


Corporate Matching Programs

When you support the Chicago Jets, be sure to find out if your employer will match your gift - it is an easy way to TRIPLE YOUR DONATION

Common Questions

  • What are employee matching gift programs? Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.
  • How do I find out if my employer has a matching gift program? Click here for a list of corporations with matching gift programs. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, so if you do not see your employer’s name, please be sure to check with your human resources department so you do not miss the opportunity to double your donation

Summer Challenge | Campaign at-a-glance


July 1st 2017 – August 31st, 2017








Financial Aid

Coaching Hires & Professional Development

Dedicated Strength Training Program

Facility Upgrades

Technology Upgrades


For each $25 donation, donors receive one entry for that period drawing. New prizes for each of the four periods.

RAFFLE DRAWINGS take place at 7pm for each drawing date LIVE on the Chicago Jets Facebook Page