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Uniform Policy

The Chicago Jets Hockey Club will be unveiling new uniforms this fall.  Each player Squirt through U16 will receive three jerseys (Home White, Away Blue, and Alternate Red) included in their fall registration and fees.  Navy Helmets, Navy Gloves and Navy Pants or Navy covers will be used by all players this fall season and will be replacing the current Royal Blue Helmut/Gloves and Red pants.   MITE AND ADM CHICAGO SPITFIRES JERSEYS WILL REMAIN THE SAME AS LAST SEASON.  

The Jets uniform policy is in place to maintain a consistent appearance of players that reflects solidarity and pride for the organization.

Dress Code for Games and Tournaments*. The Chicago Jets Hockey Club requires all players to wear the Chicago Jets Hockey Club GAME jerseys with the Jets assigned numbers and issued game socks. The game socks are provided to players by the Jets organization. Home and away game jerseys are purchased by players, after a number has been assigned to a player by the Jets organization. White game jerseys are worn with white game socks and blue game jerseys are worn with blue game socks.

In addition, each player is required to wear:  Navy Helmet, Navy gloves, Navy pants (or navy blue breezers/pant shells). 

These items may be purchased at various city, suburban or online hockey stores.  The Chicago Jets have also partnered with Sin Bin hockey to provide a cost-effective solution for our families to purchase the new equipment.  Make sure to mention your child plays for the Chicago Jets when you contact SBH to receive our club discount on your protective equipment purchases.  You can find the SBH hours and location on their website http://www.sinbinhockeyshop.con/contact--hours---location.html

Helmets will have no markings other than an optional, small Chicago Jets Hockey Club approved sticker/decal on the sides and/or a player's number on the back. Numbers on the back of helmets are red. Skate laces are white.

Dress Code for Practice. The Chicago Jets Hockey Club provides players with practice jerseys and practice socks. CHC provided practice jerseys are the only jerseys worn for practice.

Miscellaneous. The Uniform Policy applies to players at the Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam levels. Girls' Teams will also adhere to the uniform policy. Mites must comply with Uniform policy as it pertains to game jerseys, game socks, practice jerseys, and practice socks. The Chicago Jets Hockey Club advises Mite players to adhere to the Uniform Policy when purchasing new pants, gloves and helmets.

* Goalies are only required to comply with the jersey requirement.

Aside from the Jets Uniform Policy, the following equipment items are a NIHL requirement and no player can participate in any game or practice without them.  Please make sure your player comes to ALL games and practices with ALL required equipment. 

NIHL Wolves Patch Requirement

Wolves Patch Location



NIHL is requiring all teams to put the Chicago Wolves patches on our jerseys.    The Chicago Wolves donate money directly to the NIHL organization and in return they ask  that all teams affiliated with NIHL wear their patches.  NIHL will be fining organizations  $1000 per patch that is not on a jersey.  If you do not have your patches, please get the patches from your team managers.  Please make arrangements to get these patches on your jerseys before your first regulation NIHL game.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please refer to the diagram to the left as to where the patches should be located on the jerseys.  The patches are to be located on the RIGHT ARM of the jersey.   (Note:  the OLD patch must be replaced with the NEW patch).

NIHL Elite Patch Placement


Placement in the NIHL Elite Bracket requires all players to have the Elite patch sewn onto their HOME and AWAY Jerseys.   Please refer to the side diagram for proper placement of the patch or download the following PDF file for easier reference.  PLEASE NOTEthe Elite patch is to be sewn on the LEFT ARM of the jersey. 

Please contact the Jets Apparel Coordinator, Sarah Carter, at if you have questions.